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Newsletter – April 2008

Featured Sites

Albert Einstein and Steve McQueen

Drawing upon the rich collection of photography for these two legendary personalities, Design Commission created two sites that give visitors an intimate look into the lives and times of these iconic figures on the world stage. A Drupal back-end allows administrators to easily update content and ensure these sites are among the best online resources for information and imagery on Albert Einstein and Steve McQueen.
What's New


This recently founded clothing line is poised to take the world of urban fashion by storm.
Total Protect

Find reassurance for your home's well-being with Total Protect. Tip: The Flash Demo makes it easy to see just how Total Protect can help.
Shop DC

Simple steps to making your own Etsy

Etsy is an online shopping destination for some of the world's greatest arts and crafts and offers anyone with a desire, the ability to sell their work. We recently opened the DC Etsy storefront where you can get artwork from past exhibits plus more. You can get your own shop up and running in no time flat using our simple recipe for success.

1. Turn the computer on, and connect to the internet. If your internet connection is not working, bug Parker to fix it for you.

2. Open your Web browser and go to etsy.com. Click the button that says "Register" and fill out forms, following the directions to create your own profile.

3. You're not quite ready to start posting yet. After you have created and confirmed your profile, you will need to sign up to sell. Make sure you are logged in, then select the "Sell" button located on the menu at the top. Read all of the fine print and then select the blue "Sign up to Sell" button on the right. After you have filled out all of the information and forms- you can begin selling.

4. If you do not have pictures of your things, this is where the camera comes in handy. Good pictures of your product are essential. Here at DC, we tried to include photographs of each item as well as photos from the event, itself. It's also important to have information on your item, such as a description, how much you want to charge and a general shipping amount.

5. After you have gathered all of your information and photographs, you're ready to start posting. Make sure you are in "Your Etsy". Everything you need will be in the menu on your left. Select "Add an item" and follow the instructions from there.


1 Computer

1 Internet Connection

2 Cups of Coffee

1 Computer Fixer (Parker)

1 Camera

1 Credit Card

A Pinch of Patience

Some Organization

Product - Things to Sell

The Ability to Follow Directions
Congratulations on opening your first online Etsy shop.

Too much work? Talk to DC about setting up an Etsy shop for you.
About Us

DC Loves
A few things we’ve been into lately.

Parker: rundfunkmusiek, GPU computer vision, Redthreat music blog.

David: Beruit Scenic World, Breaking bad, Evernote Preview Beta, Incase slider.

Jay: Cameras I'd want if I had a million bucks ( Hasselblad H3DII, Canon EOS DS Mark III, Red, Aaton)

Peter: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lang Lang, Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise.

Nicole: Two Effective Methods on Bathing a Cat, I Heart Rummage, and Rock Climbing.

Zlata: Tibida watch from Tokyoflash, The Interactive Visualization Lab of George Legrady, Octopus Pie, Russian photographer and illustrator Masha Dubrovskaya.
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