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How can you keep up to date on the news and blog posts of your most important contacts? With personal news aggregator Gist, you can do just that. Vulcan Labs tapped Design Commission at the inception of the project to develop the product. DC helped create the Gist application, focusing on UI and front-end development. In addition, the team defined user experience and branded the product on everything from business cards to Powerpoint presentations.

We've been helping Gist for close to four years. A large part of our success together has to do with working together to solve the same problem. To that extent it has really felt like a collaborative relationship, arriving at solutions together, evangelizing their product, being responsive to their needs and have brought a high level of discipline and focus to the work we've done for them.

What Gist has done right

We're pleased to say Gist was recently acquired by Blackberry RIM. This was not by accident. As a company, Gist has done a good job managing their growth, they've marketed themselves really well and they've choose to invest in things in a smart way. In addition they were able to market at the right time on the right kinds of things. Gist has also done a great job balancing conceptual ideas with necessities. Above all, we think the single reason for Gist's success is their ability to pick the right talent for the job.

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What We've Done

    Website Planning / Design
    Logo & Branding
    Product UX UI
    Marketing site
    Marketing collateral
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